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More Opinions Nobody Asked For

Buckle up, it's prize model time!

I know it's been a while since I've done a blog post, and I really don't have much of an excuse other than 1) I was busy and 2) nothing... really happened.

We had the CCA models last week, which are... fine. I didn't partake; this was just one of those rounds where I didn't particularly care for any of the models involved, so I figured I'd let whoever really wanted one have a better chance.

I suppose we had Shelby, too, but I already talked about that a little.

And Sparrow.

A couple of the mid-year releases "leaked." One was in the back of a Young Riders magazine, and the other seemed to be an "Oops! Early Release!" on Breyer's web store. I'll wait to talk about those until we actually get some more concrete info on both of those (plus whatever else comes out during mid-year. Usually, it's... three or four things.)

So, that being said...

Prize models.

First up, we have the BreyerFest Live Reserve Champion prize, Stanhope!

Stanhope is a liver chestnut sabino on the Big Ben mold, and I... don't care for him.

His coloring is super pretty! But I have the opposite of a soft spot for most vintage molds, and Big Ben truly does nothing for me. I don't doubt that he's going to make somebody very happy, though, and as someone who doesn't show at BreyerFest, good luck to those who have the opportunity to win one!

Okay, this next one is more my speed.

Tillbury is a lovely dapple sooty palomino Roxy with the braided mane and tail variation, and she will be this year's BreyerFest Live Grand Champion prize.

While I don't think she's necessarily a model I would go out and buy, I would be absolutely thrilled to win one!

Two fun prize models for a very intense show. Any guesses as to what the glossies will be?

My bets are on Battlefield Angel and Get Rowdy, but I wonder if we'll have to wait until July to find out...



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