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We ship to both the domestic United States AND Internationally!

In-stock items will ship within 3 - 5 business days.
Please note that we cannot control how quickly your package gets to you once it is shipped. We will, however, make sure to provide you with a shipping notice via email and a tracking number. 

If you would like to view any current orders, head to the My Orders tab in your account. 

Returns are only taken for damaged models. Please notify us immediately after receiving a damaged or unacceptable model so that a claim can be filed with the shipping company for a refund on the model. All models will be inspected upon arrival to us from Breyer for any glaring flaws or broken parts. We will not take a return for a model that is "not LSQ." Paint Pony Studios does not claim to sell Live Show Quality (LSQ) models, NIB or otherwise.

Pre-Order items will ship when they arrive to us from Breyer.
Please be patient with us regarding new product direct from Breyer -- we are just as excited to get our hands on it as you are!

** We recommend not ordering items marked as "Pre-Order" with items that are in stock. These orders will not be sent out until everything in the order arrives. **

If pre-ordering your Xmas/Halloween models, please make these an order of their own. Thanks!

Shipping Rates (Domestic)

Stickers & Small Items - FREE SHIPPING

Merch & Misc. - $7.95

Traditional & Classic - $12.95

Any orders $125.00 or more qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Shipping Rates (International)

Stickers & Small Items - $2.00

Merch & Misc. - $12.95

Traditional & Classic - $25.00

For large orders, please feel free to contact us for shipping quotes. We are more than happy to send you an invoice.


As hobbyists ourselves, we at Paint Pony Studios want to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible for those who choose to shop with us and support small businesses! 

If you have any questions/comments/concerns about your order, please feel free to either contact us through our website chat form or email us directly at

We also want to assure you that any personal information collected here (name, address, email, payment information, etc.) will not be inappropriately shared with any third party other than is necessary to fulfill your request(s,) such as shipping or tracking an order or in promotional offerings.

We may choose to email you at varying times in order to notify you about new product, in-stock items, promotions, and/or to deliver you a shipping/pickup notice and tracking number for your ordered items.


- Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments (at in-person events/in-store only)



Brick & Mortar SR
Scheduled to arrive early May

** Please note that these dates are subject to change upon notice from Breyer/Reeves. **

  • Are you considered a Breyer "Brick and Mortar" dealer?
    Yes, we are! This means that we have a physical storefront and are eligible for Breyer's Brick and Mortar special runs. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing. We often have local collectors who will buy a few for us to put on consignment for online customers.
  • What is your upcoming event schedule?
    Check out our EVENTS page for more information on where we will be set up at festivals, fairs, or even open houses at our in-store location!
  • How can I participate in a Breyer Fun Night or other class?
    Fun Nights and other paid classes will need to have tickets purchased via our website! Check our EVENTS tab for more details.
  • Are your model horses LSQ (live show quality?)
    We do not claim any product (new in box, custom, or otherwise) to be LSQ simply because that definition varies from person to person. We check over any and all incoming models to make sure that they do not have any visible marks, glaring flaws, or broken pieces.
  • Do you take in horses or collections on consignment?
    While this is something we used to do, we are currently revamping our consignment policies, so hang tight!
  • When will my order ship?
    In-stock orders will ship within 3 - 5 business days. Pre-order items will ship within 3 - 5 business days upon receipt from distributer.
  • Can I pickup my order in-store?
    Yes! Absolutely. Choose "In-Store Pickup" at checkout, and you will receive a notification to pick up your item via email. Once you've received this email, come on over to our store! We will have your item ready for you. 500 N. Third Street Marquette, MI 49855 * inside Schwalbach Kitchens *
  • What if my order from you comes in damaged?
    Please notify us immediately after receiving a damaged or unacceptable model so that a claim can be filed with the shipping company for a refund on the model. ​ All models will be inspected upon arrival to us from Breyer for any glaring flaws or broken parts.
  • How long will it take for my pre-order to arrive?
    Due to supply shortages and shipping demands, items from Breyer (unless already in stock) will be delayed. We may not have an exact date on which models will be delivered to us, but please know that we are constantly in contact with Breyer's customer service department regarding the arrival dates of shipments. Halloween horses typically arrive in September. Holiday horses typically arrive in November. Keep an eye out on our social media profiles for updates on shipments.
  • Can I cancel my preorder?
    Customer must notify us within 15 days of pre-order purchase in order to cancel for a full refund. By pre-ordering, a customer agrees to purchase the models and understands they will be shipped upon receipt from Breyer. ​ Customer will be notified of shipment and supplied with a tracking number.
  • What is your policy on item returns?
    Returns are only taken for damaged models. Please notify us immediately after receiving a damaged or unacceptable model so that a claim can be filed with the shipping company for a refund on the model. All models will be inspected upon arrival to us from Breyer for any glaring flaws or broken parts. We will not take a return for a model that is "not LSQ." Paint Pony Studios does not claim to sell Live Show Quality (LSQ) models, NIB or otherwise.
  • I want to add a preorder item and in stock item to my order. What do I do?
    If your order contains both a preordered and in stock item, we will wait to ship until the preordered item has arrived. We recommend that you make a separate order for anything considered a preorder (especially Breyer's Christmas or Halloween items.)
  • What types of painting commissions do you offer?
    There are three types of painting commissions offered through Paint Pony Studios: Portrait Horse - Painted per pictures of the client's horse. Makes for the perfect gift or memorial to an old friend! "Dream" Horse - Color and markings specified to artist beforehand. Emma will do her best to make your dream come true. Artist's Choice - Pick a mold that we have in stock or send in your own, and let the artist go to work!
  • Will you do any kind of resculpting on my commission?
    No -- for commission pieces, we do not offer any resculpting options.
  • What do you charge for finishwork commissions?
    Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit due prior to the start of your commission piece. All orders are accepted under the agreement that the client has read through and agreed to all the terms listed on this page. Finishwork Solid Colors - Traditional: $250 Classic: $150 Stablemate/Curio: $125 Micro: $100 Please note that pieces are priced according to the color requested and the time needed to complete it. The base price includes a solid color with minimal markings (white socks, minimal belly spots, facial markings.) More extensive markings (Appaloosa, Pintos, Dapples, Primitive Markings, etc.) will be priced on a per-pattern basis. I will attempt to recreate the color as close to your reference as possible. An exact match is not guaranteed. Base price does not include body cost - this will be added onto your quote. Please contact me with photos in order to receive a quote! My pricing will be the most exact the more photos you provide.
  • What is your payment policy on commission horses?
    As mentioned above, 50% of the cost is due before the commission is started. The remaining 50% can be made in time payments or in full when the commission is completed. If payments are not completed within the time allowed, all prior payments are forfeited, and your piece will be listed for sale.
  • Do you offer repairs?
    Repairs are only offered on horses customized by Emma. All repairs are free, however customer must pay shipping both ways. Please expect a 2-3 week turnaround on repairs.
  • How long is my price quote good for?
    If you receive a price quote on a customizing job from us, that quote is good for SIX MONTHS. Prices are subject to change.
  • Will you custom gloss horses or gloss any of your paintwork?
    I will not custom gloss any original finish model horse. As for offering gloss as a part of my customized paintwork, right now, no, gloss is not available. I am, however, currently testing a few different types of gloss to see if there is one that will be suitable for long-lasting, all-over coverage.
  • I love this custom you did years ago! Can you make me one just like it?
    For the sake of artistic integrity as well as respect on behalf of the purchaser of the original custom, I will not duplicate any piece that I have already made. If your request is something similar to what I have done in the past, please note that it will never be a one-to-one copy of a horse that I have already painted. All of my customs are one of a kind, and they will stay that way. I will also not copy patterns from any existing Breyer or Stone models or from other artists.
  • What is an 'Adoptable?'
    Adoptables are characters drawn by an artist that are then put up for sale or 'adoption.' When purchasing an adoptable, you are purchasing the rights to the design of the character.
  • If I purchase a drawing commission or adoptable, will I receive a physical product?
    No, if purchasing either of these things, you will not receive a physical product. If purchasing a digital artwork commission, you will receive: a high-quality, 300dpi rendering of your commissioned art piece If purchasing an adoptable, you will receive: exclusive rights to use the character design that you have purchased full-color, high-quality artwork featuring the design - one full-body transparent image and one reference sheet (including color palette)* *Please note that these files are ZIPPED for the purpose of transfer
  • What do you charge for digital artwork commissions?
    Current illustration commission prices are as follows... Bust = to shoulders/chest Half-Body = to hips *2 Characters also includes: horse & rider pairs. Tack is an additional $10.00 50% down to start, 50% due upon completion (approval of final piece.)
  • Do you only draw horses?
    Nope! While horses are my main subject, I actually love to draw a whole bunch of things. There are, however, some things I will not draw (such as certain NSFW material,) so please message me if you have any questions pertaining to art commissions. If you would like to view my portfolio of non-equine illustration, please visit my personal website
  • How can I use the artwork you create for me?
    Adoptable/YHH artwork is for personal use only, not to be made into any sort of merchandise. Commissioned artwork is for personal use only, unless discussed otherwise with client ahead of time. I ask that you credit either @paintponystudios or @emjezekillustration if artwork is posted anywhere (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and that my signature not be removed from the piece.
  • What are the guidelines for commissioning you?
    Guidelines for commissions are as follows... 50% down to start (non-refundable,) 50% due upon completion (approval of final piece) Price includes (2) changes; additional changes will result in a small fee per change Prices will have the following file specs: 8.5" x 11", 300 dpi, digital download (PNG) Prices in USD Payment through PayPal invoice ONLY Accepting commissions for human characters, horse characters, or horse/rider pairs ONLY -- nothing else at this time; no backgrounds References MUST be provided if asking for a portrait commission
  • What is your turnaround time for commissions?
    Illustration commissions will take, at most 4-6 weeks, depending on schedule.
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