Our Staff

Emma Jezek

Co-Owner / Artist

Hi, I'm Emma! I have two real horses (Jenna and Alex) besides the 80+ plastic ones. 


I was in Pony Club for 10 years, and I love to do everything from Eventing to Speed with both of my horses. 

As of now, I mainly collect Breyers, but I'm looking to expand my herd of Peter Stones and Artist Resins as well. I'm a huge believer in "collect what you like," but I always look for a way to do that while filling my show string at the same time. For me, anything flashy goes, but I also know there's no bad color for a good horse.

Tess Jezek


Hi, I'm Tess! My daughter showed me the real world of horses, living and plastic. This is a hobby we feel very strongly about.

Pictured here with my horse Lilly (no longer with us), I enjoyed trail riding. Now my interests lie with the model horses and helping Emma with Jenna and Alex. We both are involved in 4H on the local and county level as we serve positions on the counties council and run our own 4H. I was also involved in Pony Club in various positions. 

Within the last year I began to show my models along with Emma and found it fascinating; I have learned a lot since taking on the retail business of the model horse community.

Meet our Mascots


Palomino Appendix QH

Hi, I’m Paloma! I’m a palomino Appendix Quarter Horse, which means that I’m part Thoroughbred AND part Quarter Horse. My favorite color is bright blue, and I’m probably the one you’re going to see the most of around here. I prefer to be in the studio with Emma, but I kinda make a mess sometimes when I paint. Look around for me and my trusty paint brush, causing a bit of mischief and making new friends wherever I go!


Black Egyptian Arabian

Hello, I’m Prada. I’m a black Arabian, the oldest of horse breeds. My favorite color is lime green, and you’ll see me with Anna most of the time, helping out around the PPS showroom. I like to make sure everything is in order and in its proper place- that includes keeping an eye on Paloma and Stipple. Design and fashion are definitely my thing; look for me with my paint palette when you’re hanging around PPS!


Black Leopard Knabstrupper

Hey there, the name is Stipple! I’m a black leopard Knabstrupper- say THAT ten times fast, right? My favorite color is hot pink, I’m the only guy in the bunch, and I like to hang around with Tess the most. I take inventory, I handle all the bills, and I help work on our newsletters to let you guys all know what’s going on at PPS. I LOVE to draw, so you’ll usually see me with my red quill, ready to go at any time. I hope you enjoy your time with PPS!

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