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April Fools Recap 2023

I had two favorite model horse-related jests this year... Can YOU guess which ones?

So, I've never done an April Fools joke for PPS. I've certainly thought about it, but I've simply never had the time. (Other than the one I did last year for my other job... Anyone remember the Stone Dragon Rick Roll video? That was me, oop 😅)

I do admire people/companies who commit to the bit, though, and I've gotta give credit where credit is due. Let's start with...


Darynn, congrats, because this was both hilarious and well-done. I don't know how you came up with the idea for this, but the execution was amazing. I was in the middle of lunch at a model horse show when I happened to find this, and I think I almost choked on my drink. 11/10 with the note that even though these creatures are EXTREMELY cursed... I love every single one of them.

But I also can't not mention the awesome Horg fanart done by Khrysalis Studios.

It's the way he scream for me, my dudes.

Now, on the other hand, Breyer's April Fools joke--

I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I kinda like this version of the Nokota! There's a lot of character to it, even if he does look a little bit noodle-y. I'd love to see more of this customization pop up in the live auction from time to time.

However, it does look like we'll be getting this color variant along with two others as this year's Traditional Gambler's Choice from Breyer.

Not sure I like the fact that the glossy bay is clearly a modified Bolero (or the other way around,) but that's honestly such a small critique here. It's a pretty color on a fun mold. So what?

I don't think I'll be picking up one of these for myself, but Shelby sure does have fun color variants!

Which one is your favorite? I'm team Grulla Appaloosa!

Which version of Shelby is your favorite?

  • Chestnut Pinto

  • Grulla Appaloosa

  • Glossy Bay


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