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I've Been Busy...

So has Breyer, which means it's time to catch up!

In the past couple months, Breyer's come out with some really neat things- I just haven't had the time to whip out blog articles. Whoops!

I'll just talk about the ones that really stuck out to me... (Which is like... two horses lol.)

First up is Bolero!

I adore the Fireheart mold. Rayvin has to be one of my favorite sculptors currently in the business, and everything about Fireheart just checks off all my "must-haves" in a model.

Has a presence? Check.

Dynamic? Absolutely. Ridiculous amounts of hair? Yes, please!

What I wasn't sold on with Bolero at first was his color. He isn't really "flashy" enough for me; I personally would've preferred a pinto or another Appaloosa. While there's nothing wrong with a bay horse, I just didn't figure he was my cuppa.

But he's my mom's, so she ordered one with her CC membership, and even though seeing him in person hasn't changed my mind (unboxing video coming soon!!) he really is a lot nicer than I imagined he would be.

And then... something a little more my speed--


Those who know me and are familiar with my taste will say "Oh, that horse was made for Emma." And, yeah, you're right! Other than the fact that I'm not 100% sold on the Show Jumping Warmblood mold, I think Sommer did an amazing job with Magpie.

But I love me a good black and white pinto with interference blue. If it were up to me, I'd slap interference colors and/or pearl on most things. Seriously.

My only concern with him is that because he is glossy, the interference color on top of black is likely to make him look more of a deep, dark blue than black with blue shading. Gloss tends to do that. Not that I don't love decos, but those who want to show him as a realistic pinto warmbood may have a little, teeny tiny bit of trouble.

But we'll just have to wait and see!

What are your thoughts on these two recent releases?


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