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I Missed a Few... Oops.

Sooo, admittedly, I've been a little busy.

That's not exactly the greatest excuse, but I've been painting, so you guys are gonna have to cut me a little bit of slack here when it comes to BreyerFest releases. I will say, though, these last three ticket SRs are certainly something! Let's go in order.

First, we have "Wells."

Run of 2,300 | $70.00

I think Shannondell was on everyone's list of horses that absolutely had to show up in this year's BreyerFest lineup. I mean, how could you not use him? He's a nice newer mold, pretty popular all around, and is certainly on-point when it comes to the theme. And what an interesting color! I think he'll be just a little bit darker in person. I'll say it until I'm blue in the face-- Breyer's photography doesn't always quite capture the true color of a model and probably never will.

I know the initial thought from a lot of people (myself included) was that Wells is going to be the mane split because Shannondell has both a braided and loose mane wig. Well... I'm gonna go against the grain here and say he'll keep his long mane, but he'll be the GLOSS split.

The mane split I think will be reserved for our next fellow, the dashing "Jump & Drive."

Run of 2,300 | $65.00

I have conflicting thoughts on this one. In theory, he's cool! I like the sooty buckskin color-- I think it's combination of the color and pattern and the gloss I'm not too keen on, although he has super pretty blue eyes! This is definitely one that I'm going to have to see in person first before I make a decision. If he were a black splash or a bay splash, I don't think my brain would be so conflicted here. Sooty buckskins tend to look a bit green, especially when glossed, and while I don't think this guy does just from the two photos Breyer posted, I'm really on the fence.

But I adore today's reveal.

Run of 2,400 | $60.00

This is "Scurry," a dashing little bay tobiano pony on a mold that is severely underused (and underappreciated.) I love her! There's something super aesthetically pleasing about her pinto pattern, plus the use of the Fell Pony mold. Oh, it's just *chef's kiss.*

And that sums it up for our ticketed SRs!

Very interesting lineup this year, and not at all the direction I expected some to go in.

Make sure you vote in the poll below and tell me your favorite ticket SR so far!


Who's your favorite?

  • Speos

  • Araba

  • Peanutine

  • Surrey & Axel

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