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The Last of the Special Runs!

Breyer's certainly ending their reveals with a bang this year!

Let's see, where did I leave off...

Oh, yeah!

We have our yearly crystal horse, which is a lovely Noodlebred.

Phaeton - available to ALL Ticket holders. 2,200 pieces made, $50.00 each

The crystal things have never been my cuppa, but this is a fun way to reuse an old porcelain mold!

Then, we had the plushie.

Sulky - available to ALL Ticket Holders. 2,500 pieces made, $20.00 each

Something I also don't ever purchase, however, this fella is super cute! I love his little blue and yellow silks. Absolutely adorable, and knowing the quality of their new lines of plush, I'm sure he's gonna be super soft.

Now, this next one is not my cuppa, either, but I really love the pattern!

Studebaker - ONLINE ONLY - available to ALL Ticket Holders. 2,500 pieces made, $75.00 each

This mold is one that I have a love/hate relationship with. I adored the black rabicano one that they came out with for BreyerFest 2017, but I just can't bring myself to like her that much. It's the same situation here-- the color and pattern are phenomenal, but I know the moment I'd get her in hand that I just wouldn't like her as much as I thought.

Studebaker is our Online Exclusive special run, available to all ticket holders but only through Breyer's website during BF weekend. If this run is anything like last year's on Georg, that means we are likely to see her as a matte/gloss split. Personally, I think this color is BEGGING for gloss. Not only will it likely brighten up that white, but it should give this horse some well-needed contrast.

As a run of 2,500 priced at $75.00 each, I can't imagine that this model will be too hard to obtain during BF weekend. Just remember not to panic when it drops during 'Fest hours! If you're at the KHP and can't get your phone to load the page (like me and my friends last year,) fear not-- by the time you get back to your hotel later that night, I'm sure she'll still be available.

Moving on, I'm loving the new trend of the "Best of BreyerFest" Stablemate sets!

Best of BreyerFest - Series 4 - available to ALL Ticket holders. 2,000 pieces made, $60.00 each

With models from Breyer's 2013 Denim & Diamonds lineup, this set features some super pretty colorways! I think there are only two in this group that don't speak to me, which would be the mini Minnie Pearl and mini Opry. I could totally change my mind seeing them in person, but as of right now, I could easily live without those two. Georg, big or small, really doesn't do much for me. And... honestly, neither does the WEG Driving SM.

But, wow, that mini Fireheart. I'm in love.

We can chalk down another win on our scoreboard for guessing "portrait Othello!"

FVA's Grand Design "Tilly" - available to ALL Ticket holders. 2,500 pieces made, $75.00 each

While I don't feel the need to take this one home with me, my mom is in love! It's not a Clydesdale like we had initially predicted, but a Michigan-native Drum Horse in what looks to be... silver bay? And it appears that this is the first ever mare-ified Othello! Definitely a unique model.

Last, but not least, we have today's final reveal... Buggy!

Buggy is an adorable bay varnish roan Appaloosa on the Django mold, and he will be available as an Online Exclusive SR during BF!

I'll be snagging one of these for sure. The colorway and quality of the paint job are exceptional, and overall, I think he'll make a great addition to my steadily growing herd of Django's. This mold really does look good in any color.

As of right now, there is no price and run size information available on Buggy.

So, I think the question a lot of us are asking right now is...


Our initial pick was... Hamilton.

If Hamilton isn't used in some way for this BreyerFest, I think it's a major missed opportunity. We have yet to see him as any sort of BF SR, and I figured this year, he would either be a part of the ticketed line-up or a portrait model.

Neither is true.

What about the Surprise Horse then? I'm now in the camp that believes it will NOT be Hammy. I think he'll be used in his original pattern, but a shaded black version, specifically for the Best Custom's contest.

I see some suggestions of the Surprise being Old Timer or the Mule, but I doubt Breyer would use a vintage mold for the Surprise. It's just... not something that the majority of hobbyists would spend that sort of money on. The mold I do think is the most likely, though, given the theme and who's behind this year's designs is...


Hi-ho, Silver!

What are your thoughts?

Do you have a guess for this year's Surprise horse?


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Unknown member
Jan 31, 2023

If Silver ends up being the surprise horse I'm going to be in big trouble..

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