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Not my cuppa...

But I also don't enter the BCC every year, so I don't think my opinion really matters too much.

While admittedly I think the names of these two BCC prizes are awesome (LOVE the Oregon Trail references-- how fun!) I'm not really big on the colors.

This year, instead of the very typical black and white versions of Premiere/SM Club horses for the BCC prizes, we get... a really, REALLY shiny golden chestnut. I think by now everyone knows that I have a black and white horse addiction and, yes, it definitely IS a problem. I would take everything in black and white if I could. My answer to every problem? Make it black and white.

However, I've gotta say, there's something really fun about the idea of PC models showing up in a slew of other colors with the same pattern. I feel like it really gives that horse's particular pattern a chance to shine. (And, personally, I think some patterns just deserve to be reused. Forever Sage's is absolutely one of them.)

Kansas, 1:9 BCC Winner Prize

The original Forever Sage in her... grulla?? Oh, jeez, what color was she?? It was black-based, I know that. Anyway-- I liked it. I hung onto mine for quite some time. I actually showed her as a POA, and she did fairly well as such. And while I'm not 100% sold on her pattern in this color, what I will say is that I LOVE the stark contrast between the pattern and the base coat color. For some reason, I always felt that Sage's original color made her Appaloosa blanket sort of... blend in. Maybe that's just me, but Sage wasn't a super contrast-heavy design.

(Not that models HAVE to be.)

Next up, we have Willamette!

Willamette, 1:32 Scale BCC Finalist Prize

Fun! I have the original Darley, and while I love the mold, the color/pattern combo never really grew on me. I think I like this better than the original release, though. Not something I have to have (same as Kansas,) but a nice use of this pretty golden chestnut.

Would I have loved to see these guys in the "standard" black and white? Hell yeah.

Do I applaud Breyer's team for "breaking tradition?" Also a hell yeah.

But with Sage now officially a BCC prize... what are everyone's thoughts on the Surprise Horse for this year? Will we see Hamilton? Will it be Silver? Wixom?

I've gotta say that with Heather at the helm this year, the sheer chaos of Hamilton being the Stagecoach Surprise would not surprise me in the slightest.



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