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First off-- love it. So much.

Brighty's gotta be up there for one of my favorite Breyer molds of all time. I mean, who doesn't love an adorable, charming, sitting donkey?

Sure, he's a little cartoonish, but that's part of his appeal (to me, at least.)

So, while we didn't exactly have Brighty on our list of possibilities for this year's BreyerFest, it goes without saying that I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled!

PEANUTINE is a run of 2,000 priced at $60 each and will be a Ticket SR, just like Speo and Araba. He's designed by Sommer Prosser, who I thought actually did a couple of the other models. Turns out I was wrong, and every previous SR was done by the equally amazing Heather Puleo! (Sorry, Heather! My bad!)

You can read more about Peanutine on Breyer's blog by clicking the button below!

I also just want to note that it has been TEN WHOLE YEARS since we've seen a BreyerFest Brighty. Why do I know this off the top of my head? Because Brighty is also one of my mom's favorite models, too, and when Tennessee Titan was a Store Special for BreyerFest 2013: Denim & Diamonds, she waited for HOURS in the store line to snag a copy... and got to pick hers out of the maybe 10-15 that were left.

Here she is, holding her coveted donkey whom she named "Perseus!"

I can guarantee that Peanutine will be coming home with us this year to celebrate the first BreyerFest donkey in a decade... but maybe he'll be mine this time.




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