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The Enchanting Araba!

I'm on the fence with this one.

I love Arabians. I really do. I grew up riding a part-Arabian, and Ashquar has got to be on my list of all-time favorite Breyer molds. I also really like Zafirah!

But out of my collection of, um... maybe, like... 80-ish horses? I think I have four Arabians. I'm picky.

Picky enough that I can fully say that this one is gonna be a pass for me.

Meet Araba!

Named after a type of Turkish cart, Araba is a shaded black sabino Arabian mare.

Read more about her on Breyer's blog!

And she's REALLY pretty.

I think the pattern is well-executed. The color is nice (I love me a shaded black.) It's a very flattering look for Zafirah, but it's... not for me.

Maybe if she had been rabicano, like 2017's Kahlee, I think I would've bitten the bullet and decided to snag one. Full disclosure, my opinion could also fully change when we actually see these in person at the Artisan's Gallery. (I doubt it, but it's a possibility.)

In the meantime, Breyer has announced that Araba is a run of 2,400 priced at $65. Her and Speo are likely the most expensive SRs that we'll see this year (other than, well... Limited Runs and the Surprise.)

Not a bad deal for a $65 model!

Will you be getting one on your BF ticket?


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