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The First BreyerFest Special Run is...


It's Anamar.

Three things, right off the bat.

  1. He's GORGEOUS. The chestnut color looks to be slightly metallic (which everyone knows by this point that I am the biggest SUCKER for,) and the fact that he is rather minimalistic in markings? Wonderful. Lovely. 11/10 for me.

  2. I adore the fact that he is based on chariot horses. What an awesome way to use a new mold and fit the theme perfectly. I can't believe I overlooked that when working on the Plastic Pony Conspiracy Theory video.

  3. COURTNEY, I'M SORRY I DIDN'T BELIEVE IN YOUR PROPHETIC ABILITIES. You were exceptionally insistent on Anamar, and I was like "WELLLLL.... I dunnOOOOOO....." I should never have doubted you.


This fella's name is SPEO.

I'm assuming that he's probably going to be on the higher end when it comes to price for special runs, so I'm thinking that we're looking at around $65.

(EDIT: I just checked the EXCLUSIVE MODELS page, and I was correct. It's $65!)

At a run of 2400, I feel like this fella won't be exceptionally hard to get ahold of, but I know customizers are gonna go crazy.

Let's also talk about the FOUR-IN-HAND set for Single Day SMs this year.

So, other than the Saddlebred, we were pretty much spot-on when it came to molds!

Personally, I'm loving all of them. The gloss on Kit and the ASB is a perfect touch, the sabino pattern feels like something else from Sommer Prosser and is incredibly intricate for a SM-sized model, and while I'm not the biggest champagne person (whether it's alcohol OR horses,) admittedly, I really enjoy the Irish Draught.

This may be the first time in a while that I come away from BF with an entire set of these bad boys.


Which of the Single Days are you most looking forward to?

Will you be caving and getting a Speo on your ticket?



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