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We're on a roll here!

This has to be our best year for BreyerFest predictions yet!

I can't even begin to tell you all how excited I am that not only are we getting Constantia as a portrait model... but as a portrait model of a crazy beautiful dominant white Italian Trotter!


This gorgeous mare had a successful racing career before retiring to become a broodmare in 2019. She will be a guest horse at BreyerFest, and this is a model that I absolutely have to have!

Dominant white is one of my favorite horse colors-- even though I'm sure I'll never end up owning a real one. Can you imagine the amount of baths and purple shampoo you'd need to keep her clean? YIKES! But I can admire the color and fawn over the real mare and add this pretty piece to my herd.

You can read more about Via Lattea in a recent post on the BreyerFest Blog!

Via's information has not yet been added to the "Exclusive Models" page, but with her being a Limited Edition run and a newer mold, it's pretty safe to say that you're looking at around $65-75 for this particular model.

Not too bad, but to me, that may be a little bit high given the fact that these Limited Runs aren't super limited and that her paint job doesn't appear to have too much depth. (You can only do so much with pure white horses, though. So that's not me throwing shade at Breyer.) I do hope that maybe they've added just a touch of pearl, and it sounds like from the blog post that she is more of a "creamy" white.

I can't wait to see her in person! Photos can really only do so much for a horse, honestly.

What are your thoughts? Will a copy of Via Lattea come home with you this July?



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