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The 2023 Breyer Releases are Here!

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

After a long wait (and a lovely little catalog leak that sent me into a panic for two straight hours on the day after Christmas,) the 2023 Breyer releases are finally here! (And they're pretty darn cool.)

Don't forget that you can preorder all these horses from our website! Email subscribers received a code that will save them 10% on all New Releases.


Let's Start with Traditionals...

I'm always super excited to see the Traditionals simply because they're my favorite scale with some of the best molds-- not to mention, Breyer's creative team for the Trads is incredible. Seriously.

Between pattern design and actively scouting for horses to add to the Breyer stable, there are some wickedly skilled hobbyists behind the curtain.

RD Marceia Bey

I am so happy that Zafirah has made it into the RR line!

From the sounds of it, Breyer has been looking for a way to partner with Rae Dawn Arabians since the Scottsdale Stampede, and, man, did they pull it off. I wasn't a huge fan of Zafirah color-wise when she came out (Sorry, Myla! ;-;) but I think that a beautiful, simple bay is going to look stunning on this mold.

Sweetwater's Zorah Belle

FINALLY we get the "traditional" bay dun Fjord color on Astrid!

I know Astrid is a mold that people either love or hate, but I love her. I only have the original (in gloss, because I love me some glossy grays,) and while I don't think I'll be adding Zorah Belle to my collection, this is sure to be a bestseller for Breyer in the coming year.

50th Anniversary Gold Charm Secretariat

Okay, now THIS GUY is COOL!

Maybe I'm just a sucker for metallic, glossy horses, but this fella may actually be the reason I cave and buy an RR this year. Anybody who's really into Secretariat or is a racing fan is gonna want this on their shelf for sure.

Ideal Series Appaloosa

So, I haven't been crazy about the Ideal series, but I'm also not a stock horse person. (Surprisingly, I actually really love the Geronimo mold. I'm just super picky about color.)

This fella seems to have a very lacy edge to his blanket that's a hallmark of Sommer Prosser's work. Regardless of whether or not it truly IS her work, I think this is another cool addition to the series.

I wonder what one they'll go with next... Buckskin, maybe?

ATP Power

Speaking purely from a Pony Peddler™ POV, this mold is the HOTTEST commodity that I can get my hands on. I don't have much love for Wyatt (I much prefer Bristol and a lot of Morgen's other sculpts,) but little fair-going kids ADORE this mold in any color. Babyflo, Steel, and probably about a half-dozen others have always sold ridiculously well.

Given the backstory behind this guy and the popularity of Walk. Ride. Rodeo! (a movie that I have never seen because I just......... don't watch horse movies,) he's gonna be one that a lot of people will go for, 100%.

Ebony Shines & Charlize