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The Pinkening™

For the past few weeks (maybe a month now,) I've been plunking away at something... Pink.

Pink with a Very Capital "P."

I'm not really a medallion person-- I'll be the first to just come out and admit that they don't do it for me. And this isn't me saying that I don't see the occasional one and think "Wow, that's awesome!" But medallions just aren't something I feel like I need to have. So, that being said... I'm not sure why I have a Zephyr.

Zephyr is a free-standing medallion with a magnetic tail that was dubbed a "pony plume" by his creator and sculptor, Kylee Parks of Studio Thornrose.

He's adorable. He's precious. He's fat, and he's got little wings, and I loved the idea of something that was free-standing, and I had all these ideas-- and he has remained untouched since I bought him.

Until now.

When I was trying to figure out what to do with Mr. Zephyr, I was reminded of the fact that for the Color Crazy theme of the sticker club, I'd actually drawn a fat pony with tiny wings: LOVE BUG!

I loved the idea of doing something pink and covered in hearts, especially with Valentine's Day around the corner. But... I wanted it pinker than the original Love Bug.

And it wanted it covered in glitter.

So it began-- The Pinkening™.

I started out by base-coating him with this stuff: DecoArt Black Light Neon craft paint. I had tried to airbrush him after my initial primer, but two things held me back. 1) I didn't have the right color and 2) my airbrush paint simply was not behaving. So, why not try what I've already got on hand, craft paint or not?

This isn't the first time I've used some "specialty" craft paints on horses-- looking at you, Sir Skittles.

Five or six layers of this nice, thin pink paint later, and Bug was beginning to become... Pink™. So pink, in fact, that our group chat decided to roast him a little.

In everyone's defense... he was Really Pink.

The above photo shows him with probably 20-ish layers of Pink. By this time, I was sick of Pink. I was getting a headache. I could not look directly at him. I was dying inside, but it was worth it.

Around this time, I also put my reading comprehension skills to the test and realized--


The "Black Light Neon" paint does, indeed, glow under a black light. It's REALLY bright. Shamelessly bright; radioactive, in fact.

After this, he was sealed, allowed to dry for a few days, and then I whipped out the liquid masking and began to block out his Appaloosa spots. (I don't have any pictures of this, unfortunately, but just imagine Pink Pony with a bunch of green-ish colored, glossy, gooey-looking spots all over him. Are you there? Excellent.)

From there, the white layers began. I can't remember how many I did, but thinned out layers of white (my go-to is the Golden brand, heavy body, with a little bit of pearlescent medium added) until his coat was solid. From there, I actually frosted his mane and tail with the same mixture so that they weren't so stark and looked more along the lines of a "realistic" Appaloosa.

Pre-Frosting, but looking adorable!

So far, so good! Now came the fun part-- glitter!

Digging into my stash of "specialty" paints again, I realized I had this stuff: Glitterific by FolkArt. This particular one was called "Pink Neon," but as you can probably tell, it's actually holographic. I decided that this was, indeed, the perfect recipe for the glittery look I wanted. It took 3-4 coats of this glitter to make him sparkle in just the right way.

Then, I added the finishing touches: a pretty blue eye with a heart-shaped catch light, gold hooves, and eyeliner!

Top it all off with a thick coat of GLOSS, and...

Isn't he just the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Love Bug is currently available for purchase at $275.00 ppd (domestic; international shipping + $25)! You can check out his listing by clicking the button below.


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