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Meet our mascots!


PALOMA-- the palomino Quarter Horse mare. Paloma loves to paint, usually carrying around her trusty paint brush. She is sweet and kind, though always looking for adventure and usually finds herself in trouble. Paloma's favorite color is blue!


PRADA-- the black Egyptian Arabian mare. Prada is very fashionable; always go to her when you're looking for a gorgeous color palette. Though she may seem a bit aloof, Prada is fun-loving, generous, and strives for perfection. Prada's favorite color is green!


STIPPLE-- the black leopard Knabstrupper gelding. Stipple is shy and soft-spoken, though he really does have a way with words, usually carrying around his beautiful feather quill. He is often the voice of reason when his two friends start to get a little... out of hand. Stipple's favorite color is pink!


Choose your mascot or take home a set of three!

These stickers are currently a preorder and will ship out as soon as they arrive to us from StickerApp.

PPS Mascot Stickers