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Please READ ALL the information below so you are aware of our policies:


*Ticket Price $125.00

This is for the purchase of (1) BreyerFest 2020 Ticket which includes Celebration Model and (2) Special Run Ticket Times. We prefer that we select our times and purchase tickets as we have limited help for BreyerFest. Purchasing our Ticket ensures you will be in line for pickups.


*Ticket Price includes pickup fees for Celebration Model, Special Run Model(s,) Breyer Store line, and Pop Up Tent line. We feel it is not necessary to over charge you for models as you are unable to attend BreyerFest, we want you to get models you would like and ask for a small pickup fee.


You will need to email us your list as soon as model options are made available:

  •  1 – 8 of your model choices for Special Runs. We will do our best to get you the first choices, but we cannot guarantee, this is why we ask for all your selections. Surprise models you may request opened or unopened.  

  • Store Models

  • Pop Up Tent Specials (includes T-Shirts, accessories etc.)


By purchasing your ticket you agree that Paint Pony Studios will be purchasing models at BreyerFest 2020 on your behalf and you understand that payments must be made prior to BreyerFest in order for Paint Pony Studios to purchase your models.


PayPal invoices will be as follows:

  1. Models (as per your list) and will include PayPal or Square Fees and applicable sales tax. An approximate invoice will be sent out in June and you may begin payments. Payment in full must be complete before shipping. If you fail to pay in full within 10 days of BreyerFest, you forfeit any payments made on your account.
  2. Shipping invoice will be sent once models are packed and ready to ship.


**Please note that we will open the models to be sure there are no extreme flaws. Breyer does not take models back unless it is an extreme flaw, they do not consider LSQ as a factor.  Boxed models we will check for visible flaws, but cannot guarantee the sides we cannot see. If you request the Surprise model be unopened, then we cannot guarantee if there are flaws.


**Time payments are available for large orders, please request this immediately and when pricing becomes available we will bill you an approximate amount for you to start making payments.


**Please be aware that it is a first come first serve basis. The first one to order tickets from us will obviously get the first ticket time we have and those models requested. We will be fair and follow this procedure.

BreyerFest 2020 Pick Ups