Arabian Adoptables - Palomino Splash

Arabian Adoptables - Palomino Splash


Looking for a fun character design? Look no further!

Paint Pony Studios is offering our first batch of adoptable characters!


This listing is for ARABIAN BATCH 1, HORSE 5-- Palomino Splash !!


Drawn and colored by Emma (based on Instagram follower suggestions,) there are eight horses in this first batch of adoptables. There is no limit to how many designs you can purchase.


What you receive--

  • Exclusive rights to use this character, designed by Emma (@paintponystudios // @emjezekillustration)
  • Fully-colored, high-definition art-- one transparent full-body image of horse, one reference sheet
  • Please note that these files are ZIPPED for ease of access


What CAN you do with this design?

  • Use as an original character, mascot, etc
  • Change the breed, hair style; add clothing/tack
  • Come up with your own design for the horse's other side (if needed)


What CAN'T you do?

  • Change the design in any way (colors, markings, etc)
  • Take credit for the design
  • Use a design that you did not purchase
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