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Two New Stablemates!

My predictions my have been wrong, but that doesn't mean these two aren't adorable!

Meet "Toe-Tapper," a mini me of Boot Scootin' Boogie, who was one of the raffle models from BreyerFest 2013 - Denim & Diamonds.

And next, on the new Warmblood mold, we have "Arya," a mini me of Aera, a raffle model from BreyerFest 2016, Gateway to India.

We can't wait to see what the last Single Day Stablemate model will be! There have been some conspiracies floating around, one of which is that the last Single Day model will be a mini of "Muse," the red dun winged Nokota from BreyerFest 2011.

Breyer "Muse" - red dun pegasus
Muse - a gorgeous red dun Pegasus!

Muse was a raffle model at the second BreyerFest I ever went to, and I definitely remember putting in for this one! Though I'm not the biggest fan of Breyer's pegasi (their wings are often too small for their bodies,) I thought this guy had an exceptional paint job, and I was super excited at the possibility of owning one.

I could easily see Darwin being a mini me of Muse, my only question is: what about the wings?

I wouldn't put it past Breyer to post the Darwin silhouette without his wings to make sure we struggled with figuring out what model he's painted after, but I could also see them making a Muse without his wings.

My previous prediction of Blue Bird is out of the running, I'm sure, but if not Muse, maybe we'll get a mini me of a raffle model who was rearing...


What are your thoughts? Do you have your own predictions, do you agree with the conspiracies?

I can't wait to see what comes next!


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