Customized Models

by Emma Jezek

Get the Horse of Your Dreams!


Portrait Horse

Painted per pictures of the client's horse. 
​Makes for the perfect gift or memorial to an old friend. 


"Dream" Horse

Color and markings specified to artist beforehand. She will do her best to make 
​your dream come true.


Artist's Choice

Pick a model, and let the artist 
​go to work!


**Please note that there is a 50% non-refundable deposit due prior to the start of your commission piece.**
​All orders are accepted under the agreement that the client has read through and agreed to all the terms listed on this page.



Solid Colors -

  • Traditional: $120

  • Classic: $100

  • Stablemate/Curio: $40

  • Micro: $20

Please note that pieces are priced according to the color requested and the time needed to complete it.

This base price includes a solid color with minimal markings (white socks, minimal belly spots, facial markings.)

I will attempt to recreate the color as close to your reference as possible. An exact match is not guaranteed. 

More extensive markings (Appaloosas, Pintos, Dapples, Primitive Markings, etc.) will be priced on a per-pattern basis. 

Please contact me with photos for a quote! My pricing will be the most exact the more photos you provide. 

As mentioned above, 50% of the cost is due before the commission is started. The remaining 50% can be made in time payments or in full when the commission is completed. If a commission is not paid within two weeks after completion, the other payments are forfeited, and the piece is listed for sale.

If payments are not completed within the time allowed, all prior payments are forfeited, and your piece will be listed for sale. 

As of 2018, payment will only be accepted through PayPal. An invoice will be sent to you allowing for partial payments.

Turnaround Time

Artistic Freedom

Because of college, my commission slots are limited and they may take up to a few months to complete. I will make sure to send updates and pictures as often as possible and give you a time frame that I will work within.

​This time frame will vary based on other commissions, school assignments, and work obligations. 

Please allow for a bit of artistic freedom when it comes to your commissions. I am not a machine, and therefore I cannot get every marking down to the last detail or every color spot-on. 

I very much enjoy trying to make a client's vision come to life, and if there are too many creative constraints, then this is no longer fun for me or the client.

Portrait Horses

Please note that I will replicate your horse to the best of my ability. I may not be able to get every marking exact, but I will try my best to create an accurate portrait for you per the photographs provided.

**These prices do not include the cost of the body. If you do not have a body, you may pick one from our store's inventory.**

Thank you for taking the time to read over my policies. 

Please use the "Contact Us" below button to reach me directly. I would love to work with you and will do whatever it takes to help you feel comfortable in ordering a customized horse from me.


-Emma Jezek

I have been painting for roughly six years, professionally for three. 

Horses that I have painted have qualified for NAN (North American Nationals,) some many times over, and have won various awards at fairs, art festivals, and model horse shows.

I have also painted for The Peter Stone Company, a few pieces of which you will see in the galleries below.


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